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Welcome to Palitra Studio [Bahrain]

Art Classes For Adults, Teens and Children in Bahrain


Learn to sketch and paint. Classes in different techniques [Oil, acrylic, pastel, water colors]

We invite you for unusual interesting and fabulous ART Classes.

Our classes will help you to relax your mind and refresh your soul.

We will inspire you and will help to express yourself in a new way.

Our mission is to provide a place where students can learn, explore, and develop their personal style by learning new techniques and methods while working with different mediums.

Palitra Studio Bahrain was founded by Alexandra Novik-Khamis, Bahrain based artist who is committed to create an atmosphere that fosters imagination and nurtures creativity. Each student is recognized as a unique artist with unlimited potential, and each given profound respect in the studio. The relaxed, open and comfortable environment offered at Palitra Studio is the perfect place to grow and earn appreciation for art. A wide range of academical classes and workshops are offered here so that children, teens, and adults may explore endless artistic possibilities. 

The Palitra is Studio of ART offers its students a dynamic arrangement of in-depth programs of study, including Art and Visual Culture Education, Art History, and Studio Art.


No matter what discipline you choose, you will find it here.

Does not matter of age and skills, you can choose private or group art sessions.

Mission Statement:

The Palitra Studio is devoted to a rigorous and dynamic education in the visual arts, challenging students to think, research, produce, and learn art critically, with an awareness of historical as well as contemporary contexts.

Vision Statement:

The Palitra Studio is committed to preparing students for careers in academical, modern and studio art; art history, and in every field of visual culture in an increasingly diverse and technological world.

Dear friends and students of Palitra Studio, thank you for wishing us a happy birthday.

Our studio is already 6 years old. It's still small time, but for us, it's a very big creative and artistic journey.

It is great to see all of you get inspired and learn art every day here at the studio. 
This was a very special year for us and Palitra because of you all.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and I hope our studio will become bigger, better, successful and more interesting in the next year.


Palitra Studio. Art Factory

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